By Johanna Llanos • February 22, 2012

Important health issues still pending in the Florida 2012 legislative session

childrenHealthcareWith just over two weeks remaining in the 2012 legislative session, a number of proposed health and human service budget items and policy changes are still pending, while others are not likely to move ahead.

A KidCare bill to allow health coverage for kids who are currently denied care passed a key committee last week and moves on to the Senate Budget Committee. Also, both chambers have set aside important funding to improve the state’s computer system and better coordinate eligibility and enrollment for Medicare, KidCare, etc.

On the budget front, the Senate is expected to vote this week on its full budget proposal, which includes different, but equally severe, funding cuts than the already-approved House version. After the Senate budget vote, conference committee members from both the House and the Senate will be appointed to negotiate a final state budget.

The 2012 formal legislative session ends March 9, but there are still many issues to watch, both good and bad for the priorities health advocates care about most. See Florida CHAIN’s status grid, outlining a more detailed list of select health-related items and the status of each at this point in the legislative session.