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The Chamber works to help Florida's Hispanic Business community  stay informed, united and sucessful. Find programs that fit your needs.


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Introducing our new benefit and discounts platform: BenefitHub

AmVantage LogoGive your employees or members thousands of benefits, perks and discounts.

The FSHCC is excited to announce our partnership with AmVantage and BeneiftHub! Together we are please to offer you access to one of the nation's largest network of money-saving products and services in the insurance and benefits industry. Because EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! To learn more please visit our Programs page here.

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Obama: Most Migrants to be Deported

inmigrationThe unaccompanied Central American minors streaming into the United States across the Mexican border who don’t qualify for asylum will be repatriated, President Barack Obama said here Friday in a meeting with leaders from the region.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Webinar Series

During the month of July, our non-partisan partner Florida CHAIN will be offering a series of webinars
related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the upcoming
2nd annual open enrollment period. These webinars are designed to be useful
to all in person assisters, consumers, providers, and all other interested
parties. Click here to save the dates for upcoming webinars.