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The Chamber works to help Florida's Hispanic Business community  stay informed, united and sucessful. Find programs that fit your needs.


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Introducing our new benefit and discounts platform: BenefitHub

AmVantage LogoGive your employees or members thousands of benefits, perks and discounts.

The FSHCC is excited to announce our partnership with AmVantage and BeneiftHub! Together we are please to offer you access to one of the nation's largest network of money-saving products and services in the insurance and benefits industry. Because EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! To learn more please visit our Programs page here.

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Undocumented Immigrants Contribute Billions in Taxes

bigstock Tax Day 2853624 resized 600Death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin, are the only things in life that are certain. And despite the prevailing myth perpetrated by nativist groups, there are plenty of undocumented immigrants facing the certainty of taxes on April 15. They pay billions in state and local taxes every year that help to fund benefits they are often unable to receive. Read More