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Economic Freedom Is Key to Greater Opportunities for All

florida ChamberWithout question, the American Dream is under attack. Unions and big government advocates want to mandate wages, while George Soros and his cronies argue the “one percenters” are the problem with society.

Sadly, what they don’t tell you is that their “solution” to the problem is limiting economic freedom and opportunities for millions of Americans who are stuck in generational poverty. Read More

Introducing the newest crowdfunding platform for Hispanics


Hispanic Believes, LLC has launched iSpanic recently as the first crowdfunding platform specifically aimed to serve the Hispanic population in the U.S. This exciting partnership allows FSHCC to privide to it's members an innovative way to obtain access to capital.

FSHCC and iSpanic want to help your good ideas come true, validate the market and become known. To learn more about this exciting platform go to

Una plataforma de crowdfunding hecho por Hispanos para Hispanos